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Flexible payment solutions designed for the ANZ channel from Orbus


Wouldn’t life be easier if your customers could enjoy simple monthly payment options for all software, hardware, cloud, SaaS, & PaaS solutions?

The technology market is shifting all the time.
Sometimes, the business models of vendors and solution providers fall behind your customer’s needs and create a gap in the market. That’s where we are right now.

Meanwhile, your customers expect easier, alternative ways to pay for digital transformation technologies, especially in today’s environment of cloud, SaaS and PaaS solutions. They’re looking for simple subscription style payment plans, either monthly or quarterly, which can be scaled as their business requirements change.

Key trends in cloud &
digital transformation purchases

NexGen Cloud

The majority of organisations are using at least one cloud service.

NexGen Cloud

The No. 1 attribute when evaluating an IT service provider is ‘flexibility to accommodate change’, followed by staying up-to-date with new technology and innovation.

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Most CFOs are now actively involved in making IT decisions for their companies.

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Statistics from: Capgemini, Cisco, COMPTIA, Computer Economics, Inc., Gartner, IDC, KPMG, SpiceWorks

Why the customer need matters
for your business

Your customers want the latest tech solutions, and they want subscription payment convenience and flexibility to go with them.

But the issue is major vendors can't always meet this payment flexibility need, often requiring full payment upfront. Even though some cloud solutions are offered as a subscription plan, they’re not always monthly or scalable. Furthermore, cloud and SaaS solutions aren’t usually accommodated by traditional leasing companies, which tend to cater mostly for hardware.

All of this is either difficult for your customer, or if you and your business look to use traditional leasing the cost is absorbed by you and a payment plan is offered, it creates additional risk for your business.

This gap in the market between what is currently available and what customers want represents a real opportunity for technology resellers, but how do you meet this need without the inherent cost and risk of providing financial products?

That's where the Orbus solution steps in


Orbus lets you provide innovative and flexible payment solutions which enable the cloud and subscription economy. Best of all, Orbus allows you to provide 100% financing on hardware, software, cloud and hosted services without putting your business at risk.

Orbus is a part of NEXTGEN, one of Australia's fastest growing, innovative and successful distributors. So unlike a traditional finance company, Orbus has its roots in technology and a deep understanding of the vendor, reseller and end-customer environments.

NextGen Orbus

Offer flexible payment solutions

Your customers receive a simple contract to buy all multi-vendor technology, cloud, SaaS, PaaS, software and hardware solutions.

NextGen Orbus

Meet your key business needs

You and the vendor get paid upfront, while your customers get the solution they want on a monthly subscription basis.

NextGen Orbus

Boost your competitive edge with no risk

Your customer sees a simple Purchase Order, and is not presented with an onerous finance contract. The process has been designed specifically for the IT channel and is simple with no risk.


The core Orbus team has vast experience in the technology sector,
along with related financial management experience.

NextGen - Mike Sheeran

Mike Sheeran

Mike is formerly the Chief Executive Officer of Danka Australia, and has a long track record providing equipment financing solutions into the information and communications technology and print space. Mike brings more than 30 years of valuable experience across several relevant industry sectors.

NextGen - Dominic Calandra

Dominic Calandra

Dominic is an IT-industry experienced Chief Financial Officer, current CFO of NEXTGEN and former Financial Controller for technology leader Frontline Systems. A member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, Dominic brings his wealth of industry experience to the Orbus team.

NextGen - Dominic Calandra

Luke Price

Luke has more than 20 years industry experience managing operational and financial requirements. This ranges from managing domestic and cross border asset finance, project finance, debt structuring, and structured and hybrid capital – through to arranging and procurement.

NextGen - Dominic Calandra

James walters

James’s passion for finance and technology brings the best of both worlds to Orbus. He previously worked for Peter Kazacos at Kaz Capital, providing high net wealth clients with personal, investment and corporate advisory services. This experience gave James a solid financial knowledge base in which he was able to understand commercial realities. Joining NEXTGEN Group has given James the opportunity apply these commercial constructs to Vendor Sales and he has transferred this knowledge to Orbus delivering flexible best in class payment solutions for the IT channel.

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An innovative, disruptive business, Orbus is born out of the need to make the procurement of technology solutions easier – made by people in the IT industry for resellers in the same industry. Generate a consistent stream of revenue, while positioning your organisation as a trusted partner in your customer's’ journey to digital transformation.
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